I’m Excited For the Elf’s Return, And Here’s Why

Last year, with daughter in tow, I adopted an Elf On the Shelf — and the whole process that came with it, including a name: Lolly Rose. And an occupation: Returning to the North Pole every night to report to Santa about my daughter’s niceness and naughtiness.

You’re probably expecting me to complain about this limp little scout elf that I chose to bring into my home, but I’m not going to. Because I don’t regret adopting her. Not one bit.

What I’ve been hearing both online and off, however, is that many parents do regret it. It seems (and this year the hate feels stronger) that for every festive decoration and cheesy holiday quote that goes up, two moms complain about this newish holiday nuisance.

If you’re a Scrooge one of those moms, perhaps I can spread a little holiday cheer your way; after all, isn’t that what this time of year is all about?

The Magic of the Holidays

Hearing my daughter’s ideas about what Lolly Rose will tell Santa, sharing in her jittery anticipation as she searches for her mischievous little elf, and seeing her eyes all a-twinkle when she finds her has ME believing in the magic of Christmas.

By far, one of the biggest perks of parenting is seeing your children believing in everything good in the world. It reminds us that although it feels like the planet is going to reindeer scat, magic is alive and well in the hearts of our offspring.

What a massive blessing.

Kids Say the Elf-iest Things

Kids are uber pumped about these little scouts. One mom told me that her daughter is so excited about her elf this year that she asked if they could somehow summon it to come early. “Santa still needs him,” was her answer.

Another mom is trying desperately to keep her daughter’s beliefs alive to combat her classmates’ holiday humbuggeries. “Of course Santa is real, and while we’re on the topic, so are unicorns!”

The spirit-of-Christmas struggle is very real, unfortunately. My daughter, at six, is starting to question it all, too. “Is Santa real?” Gulp. Insert non-committal answer here. A thoughtful nod from her confirms that I’ve passed (or I guess, failed) the lie detector test.

We’re Ready for You, Lolly!

Lolly Rose arrives on December 1st, and I am as excited about her arrival as my daughter is.

This little creature has become a part of my daughter’s holiday magic, so moving it around every night is not something I’m going to complain about. I’m going to cherish this time I have in keeping my daughter’s spirit soaring with possibilities. I’m going to get creative with it, have fun with it, and revel in the magic of it.

It’s all too easy for us social creatures to jump on the jokey-complainy train. But every time we do, our lights dim, and there is far too much dimness in the world as it is.

So instead, let’s spread the warmth and excitement of the holidays with our families and with others by not spreading negativity.

Remember, we don’t get this time back with our children, so let’s enjoy the heck out of it. If that means moving a toy elf around every night for 25 nights, so be it. There are far worse things out there.


Coulee Mom (Ho, ho, ho!)

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